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Making Friends With....Yourself  (MFY)

Making Friends with Yourself is an eight-week mindful self-compassion training programme designed to help adolescents manage difficult emotions through the challenges of their teenage years.



8 session course


Delivered by:     Dr. Elma Hedderman


Where:             Monkstown Therapy Centre

                       26 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, Co. Dublin

When:              Starting - Sunday, 8th October 2017 - 6.00pm to 7.45pm



Cost:                €350.00

Please note that registration & payment in advance is required


Please note that PARENTAL CONSENT will be required for anyone aged under 18 to attend this course.

What’s It About?


  • Mindfulness helps adolescents cultivate skills of self-awareness and emotional resilience.

  • Self-compassion helps them to respond to the challenges they face with greater kindness and self-care.

  • Preliminary research indicates a reduction in depressive and anxiety symptoms and an increase in life satisfaction for teens who practice self-compassion.

Course Location:
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